Headquartered in Groningen, The Netherlands, Lambert Instruments is specialized in developing and producing advanced imaging solutions to record fast events at challenging light conditions. Offering complete and customized solutions, our intensified high-speed cameras, systems, and software are easy to integrate into a new or existing setup. Solutions for high-speed imaging, intensified imaging, scientific imaging and fluorescence lifetime imaging find applications in many fields of research and industry, biotechnology, microfluidics, combustion, and reliability engineering. Our mission is to enable users to reveal previously unseen phenomena.


Lambert Instruments develops a range of systems, cameras and camera attachments.  


Lambert Instruments advanced imaging solutions find applications in many different fields in research and industry.

Fluorescene Imaging

This is a technique used to visualise and study the distribution and behaviour of fluorescent molecules within a sample.


FLIM – has become an important tool to assess the biochemical environment of fluorescent molecules and probes.

High-Speed Imaging

This is valuable for capturing, analysing, and understanding fast and transient events in a wide range of applications

Scientific Imaging

Scientific Imaging involves the use of various imaging techniques and technologies to capture, analyse, and document visual information for scientific research and exploration.

Reliability Engineering

Reliability Engineering – Lambert cameras, can be used to inspect and identify defects in products during manufacturing.


Combustion – Imaging technology plays a crucial role in enhancing understanding of combustion processes

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