Precision X-Ray, Inc. unveils Sterile Insect Technique Module — Revolutionizing A 70-Year-Old Process to Effectively and Efficiently Control Vector-Borne Carrying Insect Populations

22nd Jun, 2023

Madison, CT, USA June 22, 2023, Precision X-Ray, Inc. (“Precision”), a pioneer in cabinet X-ray irradiators, proudly announces the launch of our latest technology into Sterile Insect Technique (SIT). This game-changing solution provides unparalleled environmental control within our family of irradiators and champions the cause of non-GMO and environmentally friendly insect control methods.

Our cutting-edge SIT module provides high precision control at cold temperatures, ensuring adult insects remain in torpor during the sterilizing X-ray cycle. Historically, the SIT application has used radioisotopic gamma irradiation for many years to dramatically decrease the population of disease-carrying and crop-damaging insects around the world. The temperature-controlled SIT module, integrated into the irradiator enhances throughput while offering a significantly safer and more cost-effective X-ray-based approach to this vital technology. Bill McLaughlin, the Director of Strategic Innovation at Precision, explains this significance: “Leveraging over two decades of expertise in X-ray irradiation systems, we are looking to transform the SIT application landscape, with our new SIT Module. By maintaining adult insects in a state of inactivity, we anticipate a substantial boost in the throughput and effectiveness of the SIT process.”

With a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, Precision advances the SIT technique to new levels of sustainability and efficiency. “Precision’s solution for SIT provides industries and communities around the globe a safe, cost-effective, and eco-friendly method of insect control,” said John LaViola, Chief Technical Officer at Precision. “This important advancement addresses the pressing challenges of disease-carrying and crop-damaging insects while safeguarding the delicate balance of our ecosystems.”

For more information about the new SIT module, or other Precision products and services, please visit or contact Debra Peris, Marketing Manager, at

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