Tibidabo Scientific Industries Announces the Acquisition of Lambert Instruments B.V.

4th Oct, 2021

Tibidabo Scientific Industries Announces the Acquisition of Lambert Instruments B.V., a Leader in High-Speed Scientific and Fluorescence Imaging

The acquisition of Lambert Instruments B.V. further expands Tibidabo Scientific Industries’ portfolio of world-class scientific imaging solutions and marks the company’s continued expansion into complementary markets, including fluorescence and scientific imaging, powered by proprietary software

Groningen, the Netherlands and Dublin, Ireland, 4 October 2021 – Tibidabo Scientific Industries Ltd (“Tibidabo Scientific”), a global leader in highly differentiated technology for scientific research, aerospace, and industrial markets, announces the acquisition of Lambert Instruments B.V. (“Lambert”), a specialist developer and manufacturer of low light detection and high-speed imaging systems deployed in a variety of demanding and critical applications.

With its manufacturing and R&D facility in Groningen, the Netherlands, Lambert’s products support unique applications in cancer research, biotechnology, food science, non-destructive testing, and space science. Over 95% of Lambert’s sales are exported to customers around the world.

“We are delighted to welcome Jeroen Wehmeijer and the Lambert team into the Tibidabo Scientific Group.” commented Paul Murtagh, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Tibidabo Scientific. “Lambert’s product range and deep R&D capabilities fit neatly into Tibidabo Scientific’s long-term strategy.  We are excited to watch Lambert continue to thrive as part of our growing group.” Murtagh continued, “We would also like to give special thanks to Gerard Verheule, outgoing Managing Director of Lambert, for his invaluable contributions to the business over his years of ownership and leadership.


About Lambert Instruments

Lambert Instruments specializes in the design and development of high-speed electronic imaging equipment. The company has expertise in scientific imaging and numerous fluorescence imaging modalities. Powered by a proprietary software platform, its products are easy to integrate and intuitive to use.

Leading cancer researcher institutions around the world have used Lambert LIFA products for years to study signal transduction pathways in living cells, a critical measurement in understanding how cancer cells proliferate.

In addition to fluorescence lifetime applications for medical and biological research, Lambert has deployed systems in a diverse range of physical science applications, including; the study of hydrogen/oxygen rocket engines, meteorite composition and thermal studies of swirl-stabilized flames.

To learn more, please visit www.lambertinstruments.com


About Tibidabo Scientific Industries

Tibidabo Scientific Industries is a global leader and supplier in highly differentiated technology for scientific research, aerospace, and industrial markets. We succeed by helping customers push boundaries in radiobiology, stem cell research, high performance imaging, radiation detection, surveillance, space exploration and advanced scintillators.

With our roots dating back to H2S phosphor screens in radar critical to the Allied defense during World War II, the impact of our products is now felt from the deepest recesses of the earth, to cutting edge cancer research, and to the far reaches of space.

Our collaborative approach and expanding global team enable our customers to make smarter decisions and adopt more effective solutions with ground-breaking technologies. Our philosophy, culture and strategy are guided by the Tibidabo Business Matrix (TBM), a customer, quality, performance, and people-oriented management approach with a system of continuous improvement at its core.

To learn more, please visit www.tibidaboscientific.com

For further information, please contact Diane Brau, Corporate Communications




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